Latest SPC-2 MBPS vs drive count results – chart-of-the-month

SCISPC120529-001 (c) 2012 Silverton Consulting, All Rights Reserved
SCISPC120529-001 (c) 2012 Silverton Consulting, All Rights Reserved

The above chart comes from our August performance analysis [yes, I am a bit behind] and is a scatter plot of Storage Performance Council SPC-2 submissions. In the above we plot MBPS™ on the vertical axis and the number of disk drives in the submission on the horizontal.  We have also added a linear regression line using the data with the regression formula listed.

Unlike SPC-1 performance results and IOPS™ vs. drives documented in an earlier post, SPC-2 MPBS results have a much wider variance and the regression coefficient (R**2) at ~0.42, shows it.  In the earlier SPC-1 post the IOPS-drive count linear regression had a R**2 of ~0.96.

Why would SPC-1 IOPS be more driven by drive counts than MBPS?  We can only speculate of course,  but it seems to me that SPC-2 MBPS is more a function of system caching effectiveness rather than pure IO transaction speed.

All the SPC-2 workloads (VOD, LFP, and LDQ) are sequential in nature and as such, caching sequential lookahead sophistication can make more effective use of fewer spindles. In contrast, SPC-1 IOPS workloads are almost inherently random in nature and as such, are poor cache candidates which by natur depend on high counts of spindles to perform well.

In additon, SPC-2 has never been as popular as SPC-1 and as a result, doesn’t have as many submissions.  It’s never been clear to me why this is the case as not all enterprise class workloads are random and as such, sequential activity is a necessary requirement for many enterprise storage systems.



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For a more extensive discussion of current SAN block system storage performance covering SPC (Top 30) results as well as ESRP results with our new ChampionsChart™ for SAN storage systems, please see SCI’s SAN Storage Buying Guide available from our website.

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