EMC World 2012 part 1 – VNX/VNXe

Plenty of announcements this morning from EMC World 2012. I’ll try to group them into different posts.  Today’s post Unified Storage Division VNX/VNXe announcements:

  • New VNXe3150 which fills out the lower end of the VNXe line and replaces VNX3100 (but will coexist for awhile). The new storage system supports 2.5″ drives, has quadcore processing, now supports SSDs as a static storage tier (no FAST yet) and has a 100 drive capacity supports 3.5″ 3TB drives and has dual 10GbE port frontend interface cards.  The new system provides 50% performance increase and capacity increase in the same rack.
  • New VNX software now supports 256 read-writeable snapshots per LUN, previous limits were 8 (I think). EMC has also improved storage pooling for both VNX and VNXe which now allows multiple types of RAID groups per pool (previously they all had to be the same RAID level) and rebalancing across RAID groups for better performance, new larger RAID 5 & 6 groups (why?).   They now offer better storage analytics with VMware vCenter which provides impressive integration with FAST VP and FAST CACHE, supplying performance and capacity information, allowing faster diagnosis and resolution of storage issues under VMware.

Stay tuned, more to come I’m sure