Dell Storage Forum 2012 day 1

At Dell Storage Forum today in Boston they announced:

  • A new M4110 EqualLogic blade storage system which fits in Dell’s M1000e blade chasis. Each M4110 blade is equivalent to a dual controller P4000 EqulLogic storage system. Up to 4 M4110 controller blades can be configured within the same M1000e chasis. The drive storage is also configured as a blade, with 14-1TB drives on a card. You can have up to 4 of these (56 drives/56TB) of storage connected to the EqualLogic storage blades. The M4110 storage blades can be peered with external P6000 EqualLogic storage systems, if you need more expansion. Also announced today is 1/4 blade form factor for Dell blade servers. So that within a single M1000e chasis one can have enough storage (24 TB) and compute (24 compute nodes, 384 cores) to support up to 384 VMs in a single blade chasis.
  • vStart 1000 for converged infrastructure with Compellent storage, Force10 networking and PowerEdge M620 servers that can support up to 1000VMs in a single rack, in an All pre-tested, pre-integrated solution. The vStart 1000 joins the already vStart 50, vStart 100, and vStart 200 all based on EqualLogic storage.

More to come …