IBMEdge2012 Day 1 part A – new Ultradrawer, integrated real time compression and more

Brian got up and talked about SmarterStorage that is coming out of STG. A couple of items of specific interest included:

  • IBM’s new ultra drawer – apparently server side all flash array, unclear if this is a shared storage device but would think so.
  • EasyTier cross domain support – In conjunction with the Ultra drawer rollout Brian mentioned that EasyTier would support multi-domain (outside just shared storage tiering?!)
  • Virtual Storage Center – a new administration capability targeted to private and public cloud services which supports a storage service catalog and more self-service provisioning.
  • Real time data compression – for SVC and Storwize V7000 a new (integrated) storage data compression capability based on LZ compression for real time primary active data compression on storage. This will be integrated with other IBM storage over time.


That’s about it from the keynote other than the electronic strings music was awesome…