Seagate releases 4TB Backup Plus drive with Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage

backup-pr-1000px-wSeagate today announced the release of a single platter, 4TB Backup Plus drive. The new (20.5mm) thin device offers USB 3.0 and is targeted for PC backup applications. The drive has a MSRP of $239.99 US and is expected to be available for sale in July.

It comes with 200GB of Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage. Microsoft recently opened up their OneDrive cloud service API’s for developers and other manufacturers. It’s unclear whether the Backup Plus OneDrive offer is available as a coupon/key code or takes advantage of the new OneDrive APIs to offer its services.

Seagate already has a 4TB Backup Plus drive but it is a multi-platter device. This new drive will be considerably slimmer and more suitable for portable applications.

There are other semi-portable 4TB drives on the market but none as sleek as this one and none with Microsoft OneDrive tie in.

Now if they just had one that worked with Mac OSX.

Photo Credits: Seagate website